English Break, lesson 5: false friends

false-friends.jpgCEFR LEVEL  = B1-B2

Hello and welcome back to Your 2-minute English Break!

Have you ever heard about ‘False Friends’?

False friends are words in English that sound or look the same or very similar to Italian words but with totally different meaning.

They are common mistakes for any Italian speaker. So, don’t get them wrong!




Look at the list below and guess what is the correct meaning before reading the answers.

-      Convenient = non conveniente ma …

-      Eventually = non eventualmente ma …

-      Cold = non caldo ma …

-      Comics = non comici ma …

-      Library = non libreria ma …

-      Sympathy = non simpatia ma …

-      Chest = non cesto ma …

-      Parents = non parenti ma …

-      Relatives = non relativi ma …

-      Actually = non attualmente ma …

 As you can see, most of the words above are very common in everyday speech so it is worthwhile learning…

-      Convenient = non conveniente ma comodo

-      Eventually = non eventualmente ma alla fine

-      Cold = non caldo ma freddo

-      Comics = non comici ma fumetti

-      Library = non libreria ma biblioteca

-      Sympathy = non simpatia ma compassione

-      Chest = non cesto ma petto

-      Parents = non parenti ma genitori

-      Relatives = non relativi ma parenti

-      Actually = non attualmente ma … effettivamente


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